Caring for your jewels


Bronze needs a little general upkeep from time to time to keep it glowy and any tarnish away. This is a 5 minute job that even gold and silver jewels also need from time to time. A simple warm water with lemon or vinegar bath and buffing with a dry cloth afterwards until completely dry will bring back its sunshine and return it to its former glory. Alternatively a jewelry polishing cloth will do the same trick. Not often, but sometimes bronze can react to especially oily skin, salt water and other chemicals causing green fingers or ear lobes but these can be cleaned away from the jewel using the above mentioned tricks. If you are allergic to bronze or are likely to experience any greening from wearing bronze we recommend that you invest in 9kt or 18kt gold.


A warm water with vinegar and a buffing cloth can bring back the shine to any dulled gold pieces exposed to chemicals or other weird substances.