Caring for your jewels


Taking care of your bronze jewellery is essential.

To preserve the shine and colour of your bronze clean regularly with a metal jewellery polishing cloth which also helps to prevent patina or corrosion over time.

For a more thorough clean first scrub with warm water and a mild liquid soap using a toothbrush to remove dirt. Dry your pieces thoroughly with a clean towel, then apply metal jewellery polishing cream with a cloth to bring back lustre and remove any greening if at all present.

Removing your bronze jewellery while sleeping also keeps it in better condition.

It is not recommended that you wear bronze jewellery in sea water or when handling chemicals of any kind.

Alternatively, all bronze jewellery can be professionally re-polished at a local jeweller.

If you think you could be allergic to yellow bronze we recommend that you invest in 9kt or 18kt gold.


A warm water with vinegar bath and a buffing cloth can bring back the shine to any dulled gold pieces.